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Special education

Educational objectives:

It is important to us that:

  • The effort surrounding special education happens as quickly as possible.  
  • Students with certain or general difficulties receive special support, which means that their educational as well as their social skills are strengthened.
  • Special education teaching is arranged as an individual offer. 
  • Students with special needs experience a school that they are a part of the school.      

Educational means:

  • Awareness on the students development:
  • Right from the kindergarten class there is a lot of attention on the certain students development..
  • The students in the kindergarten class are screened. 
  • Yearly reading and spelling tests are made, as well as testing in mathematical skills of every student from the 1st to the 7th grade.
  • The development of the student is discussed on a class conference.
  • Students with a stagnant development are already offered preventive special education.

Individual education plans:

  • Students with need of special education are, in cooperation with our school psychologist, offered an individual adjusted offer of special education and the school prepares an education plan for the teaching. The teaching is mainly in the students own class or in small groups.

Working together:

  • The special education is prepared in a close cooperation with parents, student and the students own teacher. 
  • Parents are on a regular basis informed about the student’s development – about methods and the daily teaching.