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Junior High to high school – 7th to 10th grade

Implementation of the values in our theory of education


The students in the 7th to the 10th grade need to be given the possibility:

  • To responsibly participate in the community, where freedom and responsibility go together and where there is respect for differences and diversity and to practice choosing, acting and drawing consequences.
    For instants by involving the students in the daily obligations and decisions concerning teaching, rules and norms of behavior.
  • To strengthen their confidence and courage.
    For instants by working with a variety of presentation forms like lectures, projects, drama and other  forms of expression.
  • To acquire new skills and develop the potential, that every student is gifted with.
    For instants by receiving teaching on a high, differentiated technical level and by working with combination of subjects and methods, that gives opportunity for the students to choose between the upcoming educations.
  • To find out the meaning of the interaction between people and cultures.
    For instants by involving international conditions in the learning process through concrete and virtual connections to countries outside of Denmark and also by working with topics that encourages understanding for their own conditions and an understanding and respect for other minorities.
  • To use their imagination and letting themselves be surprised, through participation in project courses.
    To experience and acknowledge, that general education is about ethics and aesthetics.
  • For instants by acknowledging that we are each others role models.
    To become aware of the three necessary elements of conversation: speaking - listening - responding.
  • First and foremost through the experience of being taken seriously and listened to.
  • To discover and acknowledge, that you are and your contributions are needed – whether it is in a math lesson or as a drummer in music.


How is the day for the 7th to the 10th grade?

The teaching is characterized by professionalism. Both the working form and content needs to be varied and representative of what the students need in their ongoing education.

The project oriented working form is a part of every subject parallel to other approaches to the teaching. The weekly schedule contains a creative module of two lessons, where you decide to get absorbed in a creative subject.

The students get the same experiences through the year’s lectures, school trips, and various cultural events.

It is important to us, that the students evolve to well functioning social personalities and that they become prepared to making the best choices for their adult lives. That is why we give space to developing their individuality. But at the same time, the students are kept in an responsible relationship to the school and the people they are among. 

Events and subjects

  • We have cultural events.
  • Class trips in the 9th and 10th grade. 
  • Days in the wild – primitive accommodations for the 7th and 8th grades.
  • Internet access in every class room.
  • Job practice for the 9th and 10th grades.
  • The 10th grade are in “brobygning” for two weeks, which means that our students get the chance to see what choices they have when they leave school.