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Secondary School

Implementation of the values in our theory of education


We want the students to:

         •   Be coresponsible for their own learning
         •   Be critical and guarded 
         •   Be curious.
         •   Be hungering for knowledge 
         •   Develop certain skills
         •   Develop a sense of occasion and to teach  
             them to identify themselves with others. 
         •   Develop social qualifications and a respect
             for the work of others as well as their own,
             the community and the school.        


Educational means:

  • We value, that the teaching is differentiated and therefore we use Cooperative learning and elements of learning styles.
  • The students often work project oriented.
  • During the year we have courses between the 4th to the 6th grades, where students from the 4th grade can work with other students from the 6th grade. 
  • The 4th class have a fieldtrip to a cabin and the 6th grade go to camp school
  • There is Internet access in the classrooms. 
  • Once a week we have an assembly for the secondary school classes. 
  • Shared social experiences for the entire secondary school.  

How is the day in the 4th to the 6th grade?

Physical conditions
The students on the secondary level have their classrooms in the middle building right in the heart of our school.

Project weeks
We want the children to get to know each other, in both social as well as academic a connection, that is why we have project weeks where the students work with each other.

Creative classes
We wish to get the students acquainted with practical/creative subjects like Arts, needle work, the media and home economics. This happens in small teams of about 10 students in each classes.

Reading and independent work
Every year reading and spelling is in focus besides joint activities. Every year the classes have reading and spelling courses, to strengthen the children’s reading and writing skills. The project work form is something we cherish, because it provides the children with skills to work with each other.