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Primary school

Implementation of the values in our theory of education                          


We would like:

•    That the children become good readers and develop an appetite for reading.

•    That the children preserve their imagination and creative abilities and develop 
them even further.

•    That the children become interested in learning languages 

•     That the children develop in their own pace. They constantly need to meet new
       challenges by differentiated teaching.

•     That every child feels comfortable in each learning situation and in being together
       with fellow classmates and adults.

•     That the children’s logic is developed through exciting teaching in mathematics and  

•     That the children learn to take care of the environment and to respect our nature.

•     That the children also get their play needs met.

Educational means:

Inspiration from New Zealand and Sweden
The children begin to read and write in the Kindergarten class. A great deal of the learning takes place through games and movement. We are inspired by New Zealand combined with the Swedish working plan method and added with the good Danish traditions of teaching 

Music and storytelling
Music and storytelling are two important elements in our teaching – for both children and adults.
The teaching of music is placed every day to create continuity and coherence.

Working together
At times the primary classes will be working together. The children have to work with somebody who is on the same level and not necessarily the same age.

Security and comfort
The children need to be met with open arms. One of the teachers is the first one in school so that the children don’t experience a dark and lonely school. We spend a lot of time just to greet the children. We have a morning assembly every day, where we sing talk and make a lot of movement through singing games.

Project weeks and playing lessons
During our school year we work with different topics; we have math weeks, reading courses, science topics and art classes.
Every child in the primary school has a playing lesson in the middle of the day. It is completely the child’s own lesson without any interference from the teachers.

How is the day in the Kindergarten class to the 3rd grade?
The course of the day
The children begin the day with a morning assembly. During the morning assembly they listen to stories and they sing and important information is being given. When the children have had the first two lessons; they have an hour where they can play. In this lesson they are not handed any activities to do, they decide themselves what they want to do.

In our school, we focus a lot on reading, which is why we already start reading from the Kindergarten class. The teaching is of course characterized by playing. The children are taught English from the Kindergarten class as well; here they learn English by rhymes and jingles, songs and games.

We believe, that the children in an early age have to be involved and responsible for their own learning. We also believe that it is of great importance that the children receive teaching on their own level. We try to make the teaching as versatile as possible.