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Vancouver, Canada

In September 2005 Bent, Anette and Mette travelled to Vancouver in Canada to study the digital portfolio method and to make a connection with a partnership school.

The Canadians have worked with the portfolio education for over 20 years and have now made the presentation of a portfolio for all the students attending the 10th and 11th school year mandatory. The Portfolio contains a wide range of documentation of the students’ qualifications as well as social and creative skills. This model can not be directly transferred to our school system, but it gave a lot of ideas of how to evaluate the student’s learning. This idea will, without a doubt, be introduced to Nyborg Friskole.

In addition to that we spend an entire day in L.A. Matthesons Secondary School, which is situated in a multicultural area of Vancouver. We have in the present 8th classes begun a partnership with numerous teacher involved. To begin with it has just been about exchanging letters.

Financially the trip became possible due to an application we wrote to the Ministry of Eduction, hoping for them to chip in, fortunately they did.

Besøg i Phongs klasseværelse  
 A visit to Phongs classroom at L. A. Mathtesons secondary school.