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 A school is created by the people who attend it

Principal Bent Gangelhof
A school is created by the people who walk in it. It is those who give it personality and pulse. They make it a living organism that is shaped and developed and lives its very own life.
Our school was born in 1996 and has already evolved to a school with its very own personality.
Personality is the essence of everything we think is important.

We emphasize:

  • Low class sizes, allowing time and space for the individual student’s needs and learning.
  • English teaching from the Kindergarten class.
  • Public school examinations after the 9th and the 10th class.
  • Tolerance, commitment and accountability in the relationships between students, parents and teachers.
  • Security and community in everyday life.
  • A high level of expertise with training opportunities that have creative character, which allows students to discover and develop many forms of expression.
  • Qualification of students, so that they can develop their self-esteem and meet future demands on professional skills, interpersonal skills and desire to seek new knowledge.
  • A close, open and developing contact between school and home.

I believe in our school’s personality, because every day I can see a lot of children who thrive – and only when we prosper, we can learn.

Best regards
Bent Gangelhof